Sqair Air Purifier Real-World Bedroom Test – Smart Air

How well does the Sqair air purifier clean an average bedroom? Impressive specs are one thing, but we wanted to put the Sqair to the test in real-world conditions.

The Real-World Test

We tested the Sqair in a 15 m2 (162 ft2) bedroom in Beijing with the doors and windows closed. The Sqair was on high from 9 pm to 9 am each day for 10 days.

We tracked tiny particles in the air using a Laser Egg 2 particle counter. The Laser Egg gives readings for PM2.5 and PM10.

Sqair Air Purifier Real World Bedroom Test – Smart Air

To measure effectiveness, we calculated the percent reductions in PM2.5 and PM10 before the purifier was turned on versus the average over the final four hours of the test.


Over the 10 days of tests, the Sqair cut PM2.5 by 98.4% on average. The Sqair reduced PM10 by 98.3%.

Sqair Air Purifier Real World Bedroom Test – Smart Air

However, this actually understates the effectiveness of the Sqair over the 10 days. Why?

In 9 of 10 days, the Sqair removed 100% of PM2.5 in two hours.

Here’s what a typical test day looked like.

1697985501 793 Sqair Air Purifier Real World Bedroom Test – Smart Air

Within an hour, PM2.5 decreased from 12 micrograms to 0. Particulate stayed at zero all night, even as outdoor air quality worsened.

On only one day did the Sqair fail to remove 100% of PM2.5. On that day, outdoor PM2.5 was significantly higher, and it more than doubled during the test.

Our tests have found that all purifier brands achieve lower percentage reductions when outdoor air is worse. During these tests, Beijing’s PM2.5 averaged 40.4 micrograms, 4 times higher than the WHO annual limit.

The Sqair vs. The Expensive Brands

How does the Sqair stack up against the more expensive, big-brand purifiers? We compared the results versus tests of three international brands all tested in the same room, using the same methods. The Sqair outperformed all purifiers tested, including the much more expensive Blue Air, Phillips, and IQ Air purifiers.

1697985502 890 Sqair Air Purifier Real World Bedroom Test – Smart Air

Open Data

As part of Smart Air’s open data pledge, the Sqair room test data is openly available. Methods and data for the tests of the other purifiers are also open source.

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