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Right after moving to their new office in the Chimes building in Gurgaon, Ford India was experiencing problems with outdoor particulate pollution (PM2.5) and chemicals (VOCs) off-gassing from new furniture, carpets, paints, and other remodeling work. To tackle these problems and protect the health of their staff, Ford India reached out to Smart Air in Delhi.

Clean Air: Central Air Versus Plug-and-Play

 Ford had two options.

1. Ford could install purifiers into the central air system.

In this plan, Smart Air would install purifiers directly into their central air system’s air handling units (AHUs). The upside of this plan is that the purifiers would be hidden out of sight, into the ceiling. However, the downside is that this plan would require custom design purifiers and changing the infrastructure in the office. That would lead to longer manufacturing time and higher overall costs.

Smart Air Provides Clean Air to Automobile Giant Ford –


2. Ford could install plug-and-play purifiers across the office

The second option is that Ford could install off-the-shelf Ladakh and Ladakh Mini’s across the office. This plan avoids the long lead time and the higher price tag of centralized air projects. Instead, the Ladakh’s are simple to install and ready-to-use. Ford chose the plug-and-play plan because it could give their team clean air immediately and cost less.

Ford’s Clean Air Plan in Gurgaon

To tackle PM2.5 and VOCs in the entire Ford India office in Gurgaon, Smart Air installed 14 Ladakh and Ladakh mini air purifiers fitted with H13 HEPA filters, and activated carbon filters. The Ladakh’s fit easily into the office and can be wheeled around to optimize space needs and effectiveness.

The plug-and-play feature of Ladakh air purifiers ensured quick installation without any impact on the daily work of the employees at Ford office. These purifiers also offer the flexibility to add more units on the ground if needed which is not possible with the custom clean air solutions like HVAC and centralized air system.

Ladakh installed in Gurgaon Ford

What Does The Data Say?

One reason Ford chose Smart Air is that our purifiers are the most cost-effective on the market, and they are backed with open-source, empirical test data. After installation, Smart Air tested the air in Ford’s office to make sure the purifiers were effective. Since then, our monitoring team has been regularly tracking the air quality levels in the Ford India office.

The test results found the Ladakh’s reduced the PM2.5 levels by 95% and VOCs by 68% on average across the entire office over the span of 30 days.

Pollutant Reduction

Why Are Companies Choosing Smart Air?

Large companies and fast-growing startups like Zomato, BBC, and Auchan have chosen Smart Air over traditional brands because Smart Air is disrupting the market for clean air. Smart Air is a social enterprise and certified B Corp, founded on the idea that clean air should not be a luxury good. Traditional purifier companies have long falsely inflated the price of safe air by claiming to have patented technology and hiding the simple science behind air purifiers.

Smart Air publishes open-source, open-method scientific tests revealing the true price of clean air. By sticking to the basic science of air purifiers, Smart Air has designed purifiers that put out more clean air than major European brand-name purifiers at just a fraction of the price.

If you’re looking to solve high PM2.5 and VOC levels in your office, school or hospital get in touch with us and we’ll get to work on providing you with the clean air you need!

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