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In the other article‘Common UV Lights Aren’t Great at Killing COVID-19’, we explained how much doses do we need to kill coronavirus. Also, we talked about how UV-C light kills the virus.

Also, the UV light we can find in the market is too weak to kill the coronavirus. So, if we can’t purchase super powerful UV lights, does that mean we have no way to kill the virus? The answer is, NO!


Three Methods to Increase the Dose!

Increase Time

Put simply, the easiest way to increase the dose of UV light on an item to increase the time that surface is under the UV light. Doubling the time an item is under UV light simply doubles the dose it receives. Note that UV light can deteriorate surfaces, so leaving items under UV light for too long may damage them.

Using UV light expose materials can damage the materialsUsing UV light expose materials can damage the materials

The picture above is the disadvantages of using UV clean the HEPA filters, and lots of bad effects can be induced. When you are going to increase the time using UV exposure to the object, then some objects can be damaged.


Reduce Distance

Moving the UV light closer to the contaminated item would reduce the time required to disinfect viruses. UV-C light intensity reduces with the square of the distance from the source. This graph shows how reducing distance can greatly increase the dose.

Distance vs. time to kill virus

Increase the Number of Lights or Bulbs

Another way to increase the dose of UV light is to simply increase the number of UV lights shining on the surface.

Number of UV light or bulbs VS. time to kill corona virus


This is not suitable for all materials,like wire insulation, gasket material, or plastics.

Bottom Line

Increasing time, reduce the distance between objects and lamps, and increasing the numbers of lights are three ways to enhance the intensity of UV dose. But, be careful of the UV light since it’s dangerous to the human body.

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