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The QT3 air purifier is a light and compact air purifier, designed to create a stream of cleaner air, even if the larger room isn’t purified. But can it manage to clean an entire room? Smart Air ran a series of tests in our office meeting room to find out.                                         

QT3 portable air purifier

The QT3 Air Purifier Test Setup

We tested the QT3 in Smart Air’s 13 m2 meeting room in Beijing. That’s the size of a typical living room or hotel bedroom–places that people might use the QT3.

Can the QT3 Air Purifier Clean a Whole Room Real World

We made sure to test on polluted days. PM2.5 pollution outdoors was above 70 micrograms (AQI 160).

To do the test, we turned the QT3 on its highest speed and ran it for 8 hours, just like the ones we’ve run for our Sqair air purifier and DIY air purifiers. The doors and windows were closed.

QT3 air purifier tests

Test Results: QT3 Cut PM2.5 by 76%

We calculated the percentage reduction in PM2.5 from when the air purifier was turned on versus the last 4 hours of the test. Here’s what one of the test days looked like.

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Across the three tests, the QT3 reduced PM2.5 by 76%. Of course, this will vary based on room size, how bad local pollution is, and how well sealed your room is.

QT3 Portable Purifier Test Results

In one of the three test days, the QT3 cut PM2.5 to below the new WHO limit of 5 micrograms. But keep in mind that purifiers have a harder battle to fight on days when outdoor air pollution is high. Our tests have found that ALL air purifiers perform worse when air pollution is very high.

How Quickly Can the QT3 Clean a Room?

The QT3 is small, so it takes time to achieve its full effect. Averaging across all three tests, the QT3 cut PM2.5 by 55% after 1 hour and 70% after 2 hours.

QT3 Portable HEPA Air Purifier Effectiveness Over Time

Bottom Line: Bottom Line: QT3 Real World Test

Although it’s not designed to clean a whole room, the QT3 portable purifier reduced PM2.5 by an average of 76% in a 13m2 room in overnight tests.

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