California Gas Leak-What are the Best Air Purifiers to Use?

California gas leak

The Airpura C600 model, one of our top recommendations for those affected by the California gas leak.

While the news in recent weeks has been dominated by foreign events and the election cycle, one recent and ongoing event hits much closer to home for those living in southern California. A methane gas leak in California has forced many families to relocate due to health and safety concerns. The California gas leak, which originates from a natural gas storage facility near Los Angeles, is now thought likely to continue until spring, by which time repair crews expect to be able to have a relief well in place to divert and collect the flow of gas.


The question is: what should residents in the area do until then? Many in the area have complained about the foul odor of the gas, and many others have concerns regarding their health as it relates to the California gas leak.  While state officials have said that the gas levels are presently too low to affect human health, at least one family has already filed suit against the gas company operating the storage facility because of health problems related to the elevated methane levels. As such, US Air Purifiers has put together a few recommendations for those living in this area for air purifiers that can remove harmful gases, including methane, from the air.


What Air Purifiers will Help Those Affected by the California Gas Leak?


Austin Air Healthmate Plus: Using a combination HEPA/Carbon filter, the Healthmate plus can remove both particulates and gases effectively and efficiently. An expedited shipping program makes it a good choice for those who need a high-end air purification system quickly, as in the  case of the areas affected by the gas leak. However, after hours shipping is not available. It is recommended that those wishing to order this unit make their purchases before noon on Friday in order to get their air purifier as quickly as possible.


Airpura C600: With a 2,000 square foot coverage capacity, the C600 is designed specifically for use in removing dangerous chemicals from the air. An extra-large carbon bed allows this unit to remove harmful gases with maximum efficiency.


Amaircare 3000 VOC: Offering 3-stage filtration, all-metal construction and a 360 degree air intake, the 3000 VOC model from Amaircare is ideal for filtering out harmful gaseous chemicals such as methane.  A variable-speed fan also makes it extremely convenient for more normal, non-emergency usage.


For residents who have been affected by this gas leak, a good air purifier capable of removing methane from home air will help with both odor and health concerns. If you have any questions regarding what unit is best for you and your needs, please feel free to contact us for more information on any of our air purifiers.



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